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Pro Team Marine & Auto Center, LLC is an Authorized Distributor for PPC (Protective Products Corporation), a recognized leader and manufacturer of superior surface care products. The entire product line maintains, beautifies, and preserves your boat or automobile’s appearance. We use the entire PPC product line exclusively during our award winning detailing service. Available products:

REAL WHEEL CLEANER That black residue on your custom wheels isn’t dirt – it’s brake dust. It’s a known fact that better brakes produce more dust. If ignored and allowed to accumulate, this dust will harden and become almost impossible to remove. PPC’s REAL WHEEL CLEANER was developed to take care of the problem – with virtually no effort, no streaks, no stains. On contact, it safely penetrates, dissolves and destroys brake dust from any type of wheel. Our customers will tell you “there’s no other wheel-cleaning product as fast, effective, yet safe!”

JUST FOR LEATHER One of our finest products. Perfect for today’s “new generation” clearcoated leathers found in auto interiors and fine home furnishings. Unlike competitive brands still using chemistry for baseball gloves and horse saddles, PPC’s JUST FOR LEATHER is richly formulated to safely accent, maintain, and preserve this new leather’s soft, smooth luster without any slimy, oily film. Our creamy, lightly scented product will leave you thoroughly impressed – it’s just right for leather!

PRESTIGE POLISH Here’s the polish of your dreams! Deepest gloss, shiniest depth, super tough. Chemically unlike other products, PPC’s PRESTIGE is a carefully formulated combination of concentrated cleaning agents, specially developed polishing ingredients, and catalyzed weather-resistant UV-absorbing sealants providing outstanding durability and shine. Laboratory testing confirms that PRESTIGE’s weather proof polymer barrier withstands temperature extremes of -60 to 400° F. Accelerated weather testing has proven that PRESTIGE retains its deep gloss and protects painted surfaces up to 10 times longer than all other products – by far the best throughout the entire aircraft/automotive industry. PRESTIGE applies quickly and easily, dries in 20 seconds, merely wipes off without buffing! We developed this product in 1981, and still today there is no equal – PRESTIGE is unsurpassed in gloss, performance, and protection!

SPEED NanoSpray Detail Polish – Developed by PPC to especially address the needs of the most discerning enthusiasts whose vehicles exhibit extraordinarily high quality or concours paint finishes. NanoSpray instantly produces the greatest gloss and finest, super- slippery, dust resistant surface imaginable. Minor swirls and paint imperfections just disappear. Contains a unique combination of specialty chemical ingredients that work in synergy to easily remove unwanted tree sap, bug splatter, road grime, and water spots, while adding awesome ‘wet look’ glassy shine to any high tech paint scheme. Also quickly works wonders on all plastics, chrome, glass, and fiberglass gel coat. Safe, non-toxic formula – great for you and our environment. Cannot possibly damage, but absolutely adds outstanding reflective properties on contact, even in full, hot sun! An absolute “must have” for the most anal enthusiast! Has been described by many users as our “Perfect Detail on steroids”!

FORMULA 2 CLEANER/PROTECTANT No more oily, greasy film! No more tire rot! No more vinyl decay! No more damage! Our FORMULA 2 is completely different – unique – it thoroughly cleans, then totally protects all rubber, vinyl, even leather surfaces! PPC’s specially-developed water-based polymer formula cannot attract dirt and dust. FORMULA 2 keeps everything looking “new”! When you use this product, you will see what “quality” means. One of our top sellers since 1982!

SOLV-IT TAR & GOO REMOVER This specialty product solves all your unique cleaning problems when nothing else is quite suitable. Examples include: safely dissolving pine sap from the hood of your favorite restoration; carefully taking off adhesive stickers; dissolving 50-year old yellow adhesive from irreplaceable weather stripping without hurting the rubber; removing accumulated tar splatter from your expensive custom paint job; taking gum out of carpet or upholstery without harming the fabric; cleaning oily carbon residue from delicate automotive electrical components. PPC’s SOLV-IT easily performs these tasks, and much more – yet contains no health-harming hazardous solvents. It’s cheaper, faster, more effective, and re-usable. Everyone needs a bottle on hand for all those rare clean-up occurrences.

RESCUE TRIM RESTORER You’ve spent so much time and effort keeping your older vehicle looking great, and it does – except for those faded door handles, dull window trim, and deteriorated black bumper trim. Using our RESCUE Trim Restorer, you can easily renew these problem areas! In just seconds, you can transform every ugly surface to “like new” appearance – what a difference!

EASY ALUMINUM POLISH Imagine a metal polish so brilliant that billet aluminum looks like chrome! How about achieving these results in seconds with no effort! And what if this “mirror” shine you’ve just created lasted for an unbelievably long time before needing touch-up? This is PPC’s EASY POLISH! Months of tedious research and formulation led to the development of this incredible product – easiest to use, shiniest by far, longest-lasting protection in the industry. Find out why EASY is the metal polish most endorsed by both wheel manufacturers and auto enthusiasts!

BUG MELT Even the worst baked-on impacted bug splatters are easily removed by using this surface-safe product, originally developed for cleaning bug debris from leading edges of aircraft wings. Carefully formulated without using alkaline cleaning agents (known to cause paint discoloration, staining of aluminum trim, and total removal of wax protection) our neutral pH solution gently turns hardened bug residue into soft mush for effective, safe removal from any surface. BUG MELT will even dissolve road kill residue on contact!

PHIX CORROSION TREATMENT It’s hot, it’s humid, and you’ve got rust – anything from five minutes to 50 year’s worth. What to do? Just PHIX the problem! Spray, brush, or soak to 1) totally dissolve the rust, 2) etch and zinc plate the cleaned metal surface, and 3) phosphate coat the zinc, leaving the surface totally prepped and ready to paint, oil, or polish. PHIX works in seconds (or minutes depending on the severity or degree of rust). WOW! No hassle! Great for restoration projects!

CRUD REMOVER – Without question, the strongest, most powerful cleaner you’ve ever experienced! Works where all others fail. If CRUD REMOVER can’t clean it, forget it! Our best seller for over 25 years – with more testimonials and re-orders than any other product we’ve developed. Multi-surface usability and dilution versatility, water-based and biodegradable. Able to strip carbon from the side of a piston in 15 seconds, yet gentle enough to use on all your clothing and carpeting. This is reliable cleaning strength! Don’t give it to your spouse…you’ll NEVER see it again!

RAIN CHEK – Here’s a glass product that applies quickly, cleans thoroughly, leaves no film, can’t streak or smear, provides resistance to bug splatter, produces complete rain repellency, and lasts! PPC’s RAIN CHEK is not a solvent-based smeary silicone “windshield repellant”, but a true glass protectant with so many more advantages – including ability to work on window tint, motorcycle windscreens, all plastics, and mirrors. Works great, smells great, and you can see right through the rain without using wipers!

ICE CHEK – Winter frost brings plenty of frustration, and ice storms are even worse. You’re late, your scraper barely works, or you don’t even have a scraper in the car – you don’t have time for this! PPC’s ICE CHEK eliminates the hassle – a quick spray melts frost in seconds! And, unlike other inferior products containing poisonous methanol, ICE CHEK is totally surface-safe and biodegradable. Make sure you’ve got a bottle in every vehicle this winter. Great way to ensure your teenager’s winter safety!


EXTREME CLEAN – A powerful all purpose, Earth-friendly, non-corrosive cleaner concentrate & degreaser. A water soluable, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic, heavy duty cleaning concentrate for jobs of all kinds that’s gentle on natural and sensitive surfaces. Quickly breaks down carbon and exhaust soot. Cuts through tough road and industrial grime. Brightens paint, neutalizes acids, inhibits corrosion and rust. Extreme Clean is safe to use on all painted surfaces, metals, stone and concrete, electrical insulation and plastic surfaces. Great for steam cleaning, pressure washing, tool & equipment cleaning, aircraft surface cleaning, black streaks, brake dust, grease & oil, truch wash, and exhaust soot.

PRO WASH – Super concentrated vehicle and aircraft wash & shine. Pro Wash is ph balanced soap designed to provide superior detergency while at the same time being extremely gentle on all vehicle finishes. Creates a luxuriant, sudsy foam to break up grease, grime and gently lift away dirt. Pro Wash contains special rinsing agents that enhance shine and help eliminate streaking. perfect everyday wash for vehicles of all sorts.

REJEX – is an advandced polymer treatment designed to provide an ultra-slick barrier that seals and protects painted surfaces, glass, metal, gel-coat and acrylics against bird droppings, spider droppings, bugs, exhaust stains, oil, tar, grease, and other dirt and grime. No More Waxing or Polishing! Rejex has a high refractive index that provides richer, deeper-looking colors leaving a lustrous, long lasting finish and eliminates the need for waxing or polishing. One application lasts a minimum of four months even after numerous washings.

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